Beats 2018

1994, a small town in central Scotland. Best mates Johnno and Spanner, despite being total opposites, have a deep bond. Now on the cusp of adulthood, life is destined to take them in different directions – Johnno’s family are moving him to a new town and a better life, leaving Spanner behind to face a precarious future. But this summer is going to be different for them, and for the country. The explosion of the free party scene and the largest counter-cultural youth movement in recent history is happening across the UK.

Love Beats Rhymes 2017

A young woman dreams of making it big in the world of hip hop, but her parents demand that she finish her university degree. She dutifully agrees to complete her education, but her spoken word proves to have a powerful impact in the classroom.

Bali: Beats of Paradise 2018

The story of Indonesian composer Nyoman Wenten who spent 40 years teaching gamelan across America and gave performances all over the world.

Jhankaar Beats 2003

This movie was a tribute to R. D. Burman. Jhankaar Beats is a story about love, friendship and music. Two copywriter brothers have lost in pop music contest called Jhankaar Beats for the last two years. They take the help of an apprentice to compete in a music contest.

Beats 2017

A holistic healer and a hip hop producer cross paths.

Beats 2011

It's closing party at the high school. Thomas and Anna are forced onto the same bedroom to "better know each other." On the other side of the door stands the so-called friends and eagerly await what is going to happen.

30 Beats 2012

A summer heat wave and a series of sexual encounters connect a group of New Yorkers.

Heart Beats 2007

Heart Beats is an Indian film in the Malayalam language starring Indrajith and Simran. It was released in 2007

FP2: Beats of Rage 2018

“Beats of Rage is a “ghetto-ass fantasy” set in an apocalyptic world locked in a booze drought. It continues the story of fan-favorite JTRO, a Beat-Beating champion from a legendary bloodline of beat-beaters.

My Heart Beats 2011

A poor and lonely English professor, Juri(37), decides to become a porn actor using a mask to hide behind, after she watches an unusual porn, featuring an old and fat woman. And she visits Myungsook, a porn producer, despite their separation of 10 years. After various tests and rigorous diets Juri finally stars in a porn film with an attractive young porn star, Byul(20), who saves money for studies abroad to become a professor. He sports a flawless body except a deep scar across his chest. However on the set, she keeps pushing Byul away, and nobody knows that she is a virgin.

BPM (Beats per Minute) 2017

Paris, in the early 1990s: a group of young activists is desperately tied to finding the cure against an unknown lethal disease. They target the pharmaceutical labs that are retaining potential cures, and multiply direct actions, with the hope of saving their lives as well as the ones of future generations.

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 2008

Filmmaker Kevin Rafferty takes viewers to 1968 to witness a legendary college football game and meet the people involved, interweaving actual gridiron footage with the players' own reflections. The names may be familiar (Tommy Lee Jones and friends of Al Gore and George W. Bush are among the interviewees), but their views on the game's place in the turbulent history of the 1960s college scene add an unexpected dimension.

Where the Sun Beats 1994

Pinto’s sophomore feature patiently investigates the everyday life and psychosexual vacillations of Laura (Laura Morante), a woman caught in a web of verboten romance and incestuous desire. Pinto elliptically and delicately portrays the small farming community that serves as the backdrop for the impossible relationships pursued by Laura and her brother, Nuno. The alluring cast also features Inês de Medeiros (of Jacques Rivette’s The Gang of Four and several films by Pedro Costa) as Graça, a key player in the film’s game of libidinal cat-and-mouse. A strongly atmospheric work in which torrid intrigues emerge through allusion and insinuation, Where the Sun Beats finds Pinto exploring the self-thwarting ways of desire and the expressive potential of the unspoken. - FilmLinc

Bushwick Beats 2018

Six stories, six directors, six unique short films, all under the backdrop of Bushwick, Brooklyn, each a different look into the theme of unconditional love.

Peace Love & Beats 2004

Mocumentary following a crew of amateur jouralists on their adventures during a crazy, week-long, electronic music conference in Miami

Bollywood Beats 2009

Raj is a down-on-his-luck dancer who is fighting to hold his life together. After starting up a dance class, he finds new hope with his students but soon must choose between them and a chance of a lifetime.

Distant Beats 2011

A struggling classical singer trying to elevate his old traditional music format, an upcoming Seattle singer, an aspiring musician and an Indian folk singer come together in a life changing journey.

Concentric Beats 2003

Concentric Beats is a documentary film about the US drum'n'bass music experience, focusing mainly on three cities: Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Besides featuring club and rave footage, the narrative of the film is carried through by over 70 interviews with some of the main protagonists of the drum'n'bass scene in the US as well as abroad. We listen as DJs, producers, club promoters, record label executives, dub-plate manufacturers, music journalists, and fans all speak on the history of the US drum'n'bass movement.

Solar Beats 2008

Walking towards the fire. In a ceaseless stream of light, people, landscapes and objects lead us to mysterious regions. French filmmaker Patrick Bokanowski’s work is hard to classify - and all the richer for it. Together with his wife Michèle, whose musique concrète compositions form the basis of the sound design, Bokanowski offers a prolonged, dense and visually visceral experience of the kind that is rare in cinema today. Difficult to define and locate, its strangeness is quite unique.

Angel Beats! 2010

Angel Beats takes place in the afterlife and focuses on Otonashi, a boy who lost his memories of his life after dying. He is enrolled into the afterlife school and meets a girl named Yuri who invites him to join the Afterlife Battlefront — an organization she leads which fights against God. The Battlefront fight against the student council president Angel, a girl with supernatural powers.

Brave Beats 2015

Hibiki Kazaguruma, a sixth grader, meets an amusing little robot named Bureikin while coming home from school one day. Bureikin, a dancer from an alternate-dimension dance world, challenged the dance king for the throne and lost. He has been deprived of Dance Stones (the stones of dance power) and sent to the human world. To restore his power, Bureikin must collect all the Dance Stones scattered around Earth.

The Off-Beats

The Off-Beats is a series of animated shorts appearing on the Nickelodeon television series KaBlam!, featuring the lives of a clique of nerdy individuals, each having their own quirks. The series was created by Mo Willems, who would later create the Cartoon Network television series Sheep in the Big City. One of the similarities between the two shows was the distinct art style, which was mainly a lot of flat, dry colors and characters that moved with clothing patterns that don't. The animation was also similar to that of early UPA, Curious Pictures and Hanna-Barbera cartoons, but mostly, the series itself hearkened back to the classic Peanuts TV specials, especially since the majority of the voice cast are children actors. Each episode is scored with a jazz soundtrack, sometimes featuring big-band music, but mostly featuring a simple combination of a piano, drums and a double bass. Each segment ran for two to four minutes running time. most of the soundtracks in the shorts are similar to The Pink Panther cartoon shorts. The show was the first to end in KaBlam due to Mo Willems moving to Cartoon Network Studios to work on Sheep in the Big City which too got canceled after 2 years on the air.

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