Caged Heat 3000 1995

It's the year 3000 AD. The world's most dangerous women are banished to a remote asteroid 45 million light years from earth. Kira Murphy doesn't belong; wrongfully accused of a crime she did not commit, she's thrown in this interplanetary prison and left to her own defenses. But Kira's a fighter, and soon she finds herself in the middle of a female gang war; where everyone wants a piece of the action... and a piece of her! "Caged Heat 3000" takes the Women-in-Prison genre to a whole new level... and a whole new galaxy!

Heat Vision and Jack 1999

As the result of a NASA miscalculation, Astronaut Jack Austin flew too close to the sun, the rays expanding his mind and making him the smartest man on the planet. Now he and his talking motorcycle (who contains the mind of his former roommate) are on the run from NASA and their assassin, actor Ron Silver who want to take his brain. They travel from place to place solving paranormal mysteries with the help of Jack's newfound ability to become a super genius when his brain absorbs sunlight.

Heat Wave 1990

A rookie black journalist investigates the tensions of the Watts section of Los Angeles in the bloody summer of 1965.

The Cat in Heat 1972

Giallo rarity with the delightful Eva Czemerys. Well worth a viewing for those who obsess over the giddy realms of Gialli. (Photography by everyone’s favorite filth hound Joe D’amato) ‘La Gatta In Calore’ is quite a dark, erotically charged Giallo about a beautiful, bored and neglected housewife’s decent into a drug debauched relationship with her abusive and hedonistic neighbour. (The scenes when Czemerys is tormented by her young demented beau and his sleazy, dope-fiend friends is genuinely creepy).

Lash of the Scorpion 2003

A woman is kidnapped and taken to the Krakenhall Penitentiary For Women. Here the warden samples the delights of each inmate...

WWE Divas: Desert Heat 2003

Grab your shades and a cooler, we're goin' to the desert! All the WWE Divas are here: Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Ivory, Jazz, Dawn Marie, Molly, Terri, Victoria, Jacqueline & Nidia. The Divas brave the Western desert and strip down to this side of naked for fun and adventure. Join the Divas as they go four-wheeling, do some river rafting, visit a ghost town & a film studio. You'll agree, we didn't need to go to the desert to make them hot. They came that way!

Killing Heat 1981

A city-woman moves to a foreign country with her future husband, giving up all the comforts of cosmopolitan life. Life in the countryside finally takes its toll on her, and she finds herself involved sexually with another man

Heat Team 2004

Eason Chan is K.C, Chan and Y.T. Lee is Aaron Kwok, both are very smart cop, who both were assign to interpol. The only thing that make them different is woman. K.C Chan is known for courting with a lot of woman and Y.T. Lee get nervous around woman. The case for this movie is about a international thief who come to Hong Kong to steal, a diamond necklace worth over 10 million US. Anyway, Yumiko Cheng who is engage with a fertilizer mogul, soon for in love with KC Chan.

Summer Heat 2006

The story is set in Guagua, Pampanga a decade after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo which ravaged the province with lahar. It follows the lives of Rodolfo "Mang Rudy" Manansala, a woodcarver, and his three daughters and their relationships with the people close to them in the span of seven summers.

Jungle Heat 1988

An anthropologist hires a down-on-his-luck helicopter pilot to fly her into the jungle, where she is searching for a scientist who is investigating reports of a tribe of reptile-men.

Downtown Heat 1994

A young jazz-composer turns vengeful commando against local drug Mafia Capos when his wife is killed at the hands of Caribbean drug dealers.

Summer Heat 1968

A gripping drama about a seductive woman with three men in her life: a rich husband ; a sexy playboy, and a sensitive intellectual. That two of her lovers are brothers further complicates the story.

Heat 1963

Larisa Shepitko's diploma film. An idealistic high school graduate goes to work on a state farm on the Kazakh steppe, only to clash with its authoritarian leader.

The Heat 2013

THE HEAT – 1. Coal or wood afire to redness, 2. High air temperature, 3. Vehemence of feelings.

Dead Heat 1987

Makoto is the driver of a rag-tag Formula X racing team competing in the bottom rung D-Class, with aspirations of one day making it to A-Class. When a mysterious benefactor sees potential in them, he offers his engineering services and shiny new engine to help them compete in the Open Cup. This yearly event is open to all classes and the winner automatically earns A-Class standing.

L.A. Heat 1989

L.A. vice detective dreams of becoming a cowboy hero.

West Heath Yard 1999

A sitcom co-written by musician Edwin Collins, best known as frontman of the band Orange Juice. The action follows two faded 70's rock musicians Denny Lorimar and Jackson Gold running a near-bankrupt recording studio in London. They devise a number of make-it-big schemes, including trying to steer a shambolic group of 'indie' musicians to Britpop level stardom. A well-observed cult satire of the music industry and early 90's indie pop.

Heated Shadow 2012

Mootha, the naive and innocent twin, came to find a job in Bangkok where she met Veekit, her co-worker. They became friends and Veekit started to like her, but she only liked him as a friend, he was heartbroken but continued to be there to help her. When she met her boss, a managing director, named Janepope, she fell in love with him. Janepope is a player, he already has a wife and 3 kids, but he tricked Mootha into falling for him anyway. When his wife found out that he was having an affair with Mootha, she humiliated Mootha at work and told Janepope to stop seeing her. Mootha became depressed when she found out that Janepope wasn't allowed to see her. Due to the humiliation, she went back home where she committed suicide, which was on the same day as when her older twin sister, Moonin, came home. Moonin felt that she was one of the caused for her sister's death, so she decided to get revenge for her sister by going back to Bangkok and pretended to be Mootha.

Heated Desire 2013

Pittaya is a spoiled little rich girl who gets everything her way, but Soodapa. Pittaya is stubborn and shows her love in childish ways, to get the attention of her father's adopted son, Soodapa, she does everything to get his attention, even get in his way of love. Through her manipulation and Rawee's parents constant disapproval of Soodapa, Rawee begins to doubt Soodapa's good nature and kind heart. Because of media scandal, Soodapa marries Pittaya in order to save Pittaya's reputation and show his gratefulness for his adopted father. Soodapa promises Rawee that after he divorces Pittaya, he will come back to ask Rawee's hand in marriage. But once Rawee is forced to engage to Poowadon, Soodapa must try his best to save her, while he is falling in love with Pittaya. Will Pittaya be able to confess her love to Soodapa? Will Soodapa choose Pittaya or Rawee?

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