How Sleep the Brave 1982

A squad of young fresh American soldiers are sent to Vietnam. Immediately upon their arrival, they are sent on a very hazardous mission into the jungle losing a couple of them on the way. As soon as they return to camp they have no time to rest and are sent out again on a long jaunt to destroy a V.C. village. After destroying the village they embark on the journey back to camp

Deadly Target 1994

A Chinese gangster in Los Angeles escapes on the eve of his deportation to Hong Kong. A martial-arts master detective and his ragtag team get caught up in the action as they track down this ruthless killer.

Rotation 1949

The mechanic Behnke wants to join the Nazi party to secure a good living. However, after his Jewish neighbors have been taken away, he changes his views. Trying to remain "a non-political man," he withdraws from reality and becomes a Nazis laborer.

Half the World 1993

The sun blazes down from the sky with destructive power; exposing oneself to its light means death. People have transposed everyday existence to the night. In the metropolis of HALF WORLD a culture based on various languages and lifeforms has grown rampant. Everyone is looking for a way to survive.

Blonde Heaven 1995

A coven of vampires operates out of a modeling/escort agency known as Blonde Heaven. Angie came from Oklahoma to find her way into the movie business, but is followed by her boyfriend Kyle. Head vamp Illyana takes a liking to Angie and convinces her to do escort work for the agency, but has other recruiting plans for her as well. While the vampires do their sleazy work around LA (and Angie gets in over her head), Kyle and a vampire hunter team up to try and stop the fiends.

Late Bloomer 2010

Sean is a loser, spending his summer shoveling sawdust and wasting away. His best mate forms a plan to dig them out their rut until Sean falls for a local girl who quickly drags him (and his mind) back down into the gutter.

Creepozoids 1987

The year is 1998, six years after the nuke wars reduced the world to rubble and a few bands of wandering survivors. One of these groups stumbles into an abandoned government research facility, where they were working on making the body capable of creating its own amino acids, thus obviating the need for food. They are then attacked by one of the leftover experiments and begin experiencing an attrition problem.

San Antonio 2004

While a terrorist epidemy strikes the world leaders, the commissaire San-Antonio and his partner, the lieutenant Bérurier, have to escort the French ambassador in a British hotel. But after a negligence of Bérurier (one more little sex affair...), San-Antonio witnessed, helpless, to the ambassador's abduction, organized by a gorgeous Italian girl. Back to Paris, San-Antonio is dismissed by the police chief, Achille Hachille. A real godsend for Bérurier, who get promoted... But soon, the situation degenerates, when the president of the Republic mysteriously disappears. Immediate reaction from Police Minister : San-Antonio is the only one who can save the day. He has 48 hours and a secret squad to find the president. At the Elysée, San-Antonio finds Bérurier, the official investigator. But now, it's every man for himself : who will be the first to find the President ?

Monolith 1993

Two cops investigating the murder of a young boy become invloved in a very secret project involving alien life. Needless to say, the authorities don't want them to stick their noses into this

Droid Gunner 1995

In the future, the threat of global takeover by cyborg units has forced Earth to outlaw their use. But when four female androids are smuggled to Earth, Jack Ford is assigned to track them down. An adventurous chase takes him from the mean streets of Phoenix to the depths of New Angeles, an underwater city, and into the diabolical clutches of a maniacal kingpin and his criminal army.

Bunker of the Dead 2016

After Using the instructions found in an old Jewish diary, Markus and Thomas hope to gain access to a WW II underground military base formerly codenamed: Cerusit. It was used by the Nazis as a secret research institute and is shrouded in rumors to this day about the lost gold of the Third Reich. The entrance to the cave system, however, lies right within the restricted area of a U.S. military base.. the first of many problems Markus and Thomas will have to face.

Eternal Fist 1992

In a post-apocalyptic world, a man helps a beautiful young girl get revenge against a roving gang of renegades that destroyed her village.

Magical Girls Club Foursome: Alien from Space A 1987

Yuu, Persia, Mai and Yumi are together in a science fiction-like adventure. An awful monster assault young and beautiful girls, leaving them transformed into ugly hags: only our four magical girls with their powers can fly to the space and fight for Earth 's sake, so Yuu transforms into Creamy Mami, Mai into Magical Emi, Persia into Fairy and little Yumi draws space suits for all of them.

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