It is Not the Pornographer That is Perverse 2018

An omnibus film comprised of four short films with interconnected themes and overlapping characters. Diablo in Madrid is inspired by the Pasolini short film La Terra vista dalla Luna. Uber Menschen finds a professor visiting Madrid and contemplating killing himself when an Uber driver talks him out of it. Purple Army Fiction is a reworking of certain ideas developed in LaBruce’s feature film The Raspberry Reich. Fleapit is an homage to films that depict people having sex in movie theatres, from Lamberto Bava’s Demons to Frank Perry’s Last Summer and beyond.

The Pornographer 2001

Jacques Laurent made pornographic films in the 1970s and 80's, but had put that aside for 20 years. His artistic ideas, born of the '60s counter-culture, had elevated the entire genre. Older and paunchier, he is now directing a porno again. Jacques's artistry clashes with his financially-troubled producer's ideas about shooting hard-core sex. Jacques has been estranged from his son Joseph for years, since the son first learned the nature of the family business. They are now speaking again. Joseph and his friends want to recapture the idealism of 1968 with a protest. Separated from his wife, Jacques strives for personal renewal with plans to build a new house by himself...

The Pornographer 1999

A socially inept man's amateur porn film wins him a contract with a small-time pornography distribution company, where he faces a series of moral crises and is forced to face his own porn addiction.

The Pornographers 1966

Subu makes pornographic films. He sees nothing wrong with it. They are an aid to a repressed society, and he uses the money to support his landlady, Haru, and her family. From time to time, Haru shares her bed with Subu, though she believes her dead husband, reincarnated as a carp, disapproves. Director Shohei Imamura has always delighted in the kinky exploits of lowlifes, and in this 1966 classic, he finds subversive humor in the bizarre dynamics of Haru, her Oedipal son, and her daughter, the true object of her pornographer-boyfriend’s obsession. Imamura’s comic treatment of such taboos as voyeurism and incest sparked controversy when the film was released, but The Pornographers has outlasted its critics, and now seems frankly ahead of its time.

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