The Last Time I Saw Paris 1954

Charles returns to Paris to reminisce about the life he led in Paris after it was liberated. He worked on "Stars and Stripes" when he met Marion and Helen. He would marry and be happy staying in Paris after his discharge and working for a news organization. He would try to write his great novel and that would come between Charlie, his wife and his daughter

Profiling Paris 2009

Chloé Saint-Laurent is a profiler and works with a police team to solve murders in Paris. She's very sweet, she wears very colored clothes and a huge yellow bag. She looks like a little girl who need a doll, but she's very smart and a very good profiler. Step by step, she fit in the team and her colleagues, very reserved at first, became her best friends.

Paris etc. 2017

Five women and Paris. Five ways of being, crying, screaming and laughing, missing the bus, grinding teeth, enjoying, not enjoying, drinking too much, growing up, resisting, making a child or not, do not wanting to go home... Five ways to love. Five everyday heroines across Paris, from the start of the school year to the Christmas holidays.

Paris By Night

Paris By Night is a popular Vietnamese language musical variety show, produced by Thúy Nga and hosted by Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn and Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên, featuring musical performances by modern pop stars, traditional folk songs, one-act plays, and sketch comedy.

Paris 1979

Paris is an American television series that appeared on the CBS television network from September 29, 1979 to January 15, 1980. A crime drama, the show is notable as the first-ever appearance of renowned actor James Earl Jones in a lead role on television and was created by Steven Bochco, who later achieved fame for Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue, also served as executive producer. The program told the story of Los Angeles Police Captain Woody Paris, who supervised a team of young detectives. The rookie investigators were led by Sergeant Stacy Erickson and included officers Charlie Bogart, Ernesto Villas, and Willie Miller. Hank Garrett portrayed Deputy Chief Jerome Bench, Paris' superior, and, in an unusual turn for police dramas of that era, Paris' home and off-duty life was given considerable attention in the plots, with Lee Chamberlin playing his wife, Barbara. Paris was also shown moonlighting as a professor of criminology at a local university. Although Paris was critically acclaimed for its portrayal of the tension between the professional Paris character and his often impetuous underlings, CBS scheduled the show in one of the worst possible timeslots on a weekly schedule: Saturdays at 10 p.m./9 Central. All three networks debuted new shows for the 1979-80 season in that slot; only ABC's Hart to Hart survived its first 13 weeks. Toward the end of its run, CBS moved it to Tuesdays at 10/9, but to no avail. Edward DeBlasio produced the show for MTM Enterprises, which would unveil, during the next season, executive producer Bochco's landmark Hill Street Blues, on NBC.


Paris is a British sitcom produced by Talkback Productions for Channel 4. It was written jointly by Irish writers Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan, best known for their later sitcom Father Ted. The show only lasted one series consisting of six episodes in October and November 1994. It featured the escapades of French artist Alain Degout living in 1920s Paris, who wants to be famous, but his work gets him nowhere. Unlike BBC sitcom 'Allo 'Allo, which was also set in France, featuring characters speaking in French accents, the characters of Paris spoke in an English accent.

Paris 2015

24 hours in Paris following the trail of different people whose fates will cross decisively.

If Paris Downcast 2018

A love story between a woman who was wronged by a past love and the man that helps her regain confidence.

Nestor Burma 1991

Cynical private detective Nestor Burma investigating murders, missing persons, kidnapping and extortion cases in every arrondissement of Paris.

November 13: Attack on Paris 2018

Survivors and first responders share personal stories of anguish, kindness and bravery that unfolded amid the Paris terror attacks of Nov. 13, 2015.

Softly from Paris 1986

An anthology of erotic stories by famous writers like Guy de Maupassant, Nicolas Edme Restif de La Bretonne, Marquis de Sade, Giovanni Boccaccio, Marquis de Foudras, Daniel Defoe, Anton Tchekov, Jin Ping Mei, and Aristophanes.

Paris Trout

Paris Trout is a vile Southern bigot. He owns a store and is a loanshark. He often sues people, and so his lawyer, Harry Seagraves, eventually meets Paris' wife Hannah. A former schoolteacher, she made the mistake of her life when she married Paris, who brutalizes her. Soon Paris goes beyond the overgenerous bounds of what a man in his position can get away with even in the segregated South, leading to a spiral of perverse insanity.

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