Reflection 2014

Eerie images of landscapes after the Fukushima nuclear disaster shot on black and white 8mm.

Réflexion 2013

Reflection is an exploration of Montreal through an abstract lens. Director Sylvie Trouvé examines how reflected images pervade our surroundings, how our senses filter out these ghost images and, finally, how the camera can capture emotions created by a shimmering puddle or a sparkling coloured glass surface. At the same time, Trouvé raises a new awareness of our urban environment. The editing, which animator Theodore Ushev collaborated on in a spirit of mutual emulation, embraces an animation aesthetic that fully respects the filmmaker’s artistic vision. While examining our relationship with images, this exploration of the city blurs the distinction between real-life shots and animation. Indeed, though inspired by reality, the film is thoroughly immersed in the world of animation.


Nadine (Lisa Sookhiram) is sucked into an otherworld through the mirror -- but nobody knows it; they still see her, but it's her reflection. Yet everyone's puzzled by the new Nadine's aggressively sexual and dangerous behavior. Can her boyfriend, Eric (James Kautz, former World Kickboxing Champion), stop her from going down this path of destruction? Will the real Nadine ever come back?

Scattered Reflection 2011

Shima (Mirei Kiritani) is a second year high school student. She has already become the youngest ever winner of a "new writer award" for poetry. Yet, she keeps it a secret that she is a writer at school. Shima has developed feelings for fellow second year high school student Kento (Takahiro Miura). One day, Kento confesses his feelings for her and they begin to have a relationship. Shima has difficulties understanding other's emotions and can't understand Kento's feelings. Soon afterwards, Kento decides to break up with Shim...

A Reflection of Fear 1973

A young girl lives with her mother and grandmother. One day her estranged father returns home with a female companion he introduces as his fiance. Soon the girl finds herself in the midst of strange goings-on, which evolve into a web of crime and murder.

Reflex/Reflection 2009

“This film was made for an event that included an exhibition of artwork by Eishi Yamatomo. Yamatomo’s metal sculpture is often finished with a chromium plating, which reflects its surroundings. For this project, I tried to obtain the image of a metal sculpture as an existing entity and its reflection as an illusion on a film medium, which can hold an image as an object. It was originally shot on 8mm film, hand-processed, edited, then re-photographed on 16mm film.” - Yo Ota

Double Reflection 2018

Wang confronts his youth. Life is boring and seems to be endless. The only thing he can do is survive each day. On New Year's Eve, he briefly returns to his senses while watching fireworks burst. During these vanishing moments he most strongly feels his own existence.

Frank Sinatra: A Reflection 2005

This documentary traces the remarkable career of Frank Sinatra, offering up over a dozen archival performances by the master vocalist. This program contains full renditions of such favorites as "Witchcraft," "High Hopes," "Stardust," "I'll Never Smile Again," and "Luck Be A Lady."

Mirror, Mirror IV: Reflection 2000

As a storm rages, five desperate people are caught in the mirror's power to reveal lost souls, broken dreams, second chances, and some very strange sexual vengeance.

laws of reflection~ 2016

Controlled by the "laws of reflection", this space reveals itself in all its features and movements in correlation to the software. I asked seven composers to write a composition for a specific animation. My interest was their different accesses and methods. Every composer could act freely.

Reflection of the Soul

James Bond is Back! Agent 007 trails a wealthy mastermind bent on getting revenge on the rest of the world for pains his country suffered decades ago. Bond also must face an old friend from his past: An officer who once served with him in the Royal Navy.

The Reflection of Power 2015

This film is a rare glimpse into one of the most secret places of the world, Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Slowly, an unexpected natural phenomena devours this strange city. But the city's atmosphere of eternal celebration never changes no matter how obvious the nearing end is. The people keep absurdly demonstrating the same preset patriotic behaviour.

Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection 2001

Kenshin and Kaoru are married. Kenshin leaves Kaoru with their son, Kenji, to lead a revolution in China. But both of them suffer from a seemingly incurable disease. 15 years later, Kenshin tries to return home to his wife before she dies of grief. Flashbacks of Kenshin's previous encounters with friends and foes occur while Kenshin struggles to make it back home.

Rurouni Kenshin 1996

The Meiji Era was one of great renewal for Japan, where swords and killing were outlawed. However, many survivors from the time of Revolution still live, lurking in the shadows and waiting for a chance to use their killing blades again. Only Kenshin Himura, formerly one of the most brutal of killers, hopes to keep his swordsman's honor and still live in the new era.

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