Gilda 1946

A gambler discovers an old flame while in Argentina, but she's married to his new boss.

Thou Gild'st the Even 2013

In a small Anatolian town life goes on; Cemal is an assistant referee in football matches, Yasemin works in an egg factory, Defne is a street vendor who sells books, Doctor Irfan is occupied with his patients... In this town with two suns and three full moons in the sky, Cemal -who can see through the walls- has no expectation out of life and looks for a way out with Yasemin -who can move objects with her fingers- as he was trying to deal with the distress that fell on his. However, Defne, who can freeze time will muddle things up; Yasemin’s immortal boss’ actions will contradict the invisible elementary school teacher’s advices who is trying to eliminate the worries of Cemal. Thou Gild’st the Even is a black and white movie about the ordinary sorrows, worries and troubles of the townsmen with extraordinary abilities.

Love, Gilda 2018

Diaries, audiotapes, videotapes and testimonies from friends and colleagues offer insight into the life and career of Gilda Radner -- the beloved comic and actress who became an icon on Saturday Night Live.

Scandalous Gilda 1985

A woman catches her husband in bed with a much younger lady. Shocked and distraught, the woman leaves her husband. She decides to embark on a road trip of erotic self discovery. The woman meets a cartoonist during her sensual pilgrimage and gets involved in a torrid sexual affair with him.

Gilda Live 1980

A filmed version of the Broadway show starring comedienne Gilda Radner, complete with the characters she made famous on the TV show "Saturday Night Live."

The Great Gildersleeve 1942

A small-town blowhard runs for water commissioner while fighting to win custody of his niece and nephew.

The Gilded Lily 1935

Secretary Marilyn "Lynn" David falls in love with British aristocrat Charles Gray Granville, to the dismay of her best friend, reporter Pete Dawes, who secretly loves her. When Pete learns that the already-engaged Gray has hurt Lynn, he fabricates an article casting her as "No Girl," who refused to marry a callous aristocrat. But when the publicity brings Lynn unexpected fame, and Gray returns, she is forced to choose between the two men.

Gilda Radner

In 1979, Gilda Radner threw a summerlong party at Broadway Winter Garden Theatre. Everybody came: Lisa Loopner, Judy Miller, Emily Litella, Rhonda and the Rhondettes, Candy Slice, Roseanne Roseannadanna. And many thousands of cheering theatergoers celebrating Gilda hilarious, knockout Brodway debut. Filmed by another award-winning stage/screen comedy legend, director Mike Nichols, Gilda Live showcases the comedienne Saturday Night Live alter-egos in edgy, crazy material not even the Not Ready for Prime Time Players were ready for. Also on hand are Late Night with David Letterman Paul Shaffer, playing straight man and playing up a musical storm, and Father Guido Sarducci, ever the irreverent reverend. Join them as the late, great Gilda does what she does best be flat-out funny.

Io Gilda 1989

A New York mafia boss who owns a nightclub blackmails the women. Among the nightclub girls is Lulu who discovers her friend Gina is being blackmailed. Gina aka Gilda another nightclub girl lives out a fantasy as her Idol Rita Hayworth and romances her limo driver and risks being discovered by her boyfriend.

The Gilded Cage 1955

Steve and Harry become involved in an art theft. Harry is framed by the crooks, and arrested by the police. Steve has to prove his brother's innocence.

The Gilded Cage 1915

The Gilded Cage is a simple tale about two sisters: the pampered favorite and the put-upon, younger stepdaughter, played by Stonehouse. When the elder spurns her lover to marry wealth, she learns the error of her ways.

American Experience: The Gilded Age

In the closing decades of the nineteenth century, during what has become known as the Gilded Age, the population of the United States doubled in the span of a single generation. As national wealth expanded, two classes rose simultaneously, separated by a gulf of experience and circumstance that was unprecedented in American life. These disparities sparked passionate and violent debate over questions still being asked in our own times: How is wealth best distributed, and by what process? Does government exist to protect private property or provide balm to the inevitable casualties of a churning industrial system? The outcome of these disputes was both uncertain and momentous, and marked by a passionate vitriol and level of violence that would shock the conscience of many Americans today.

Gilda Radner: It's Always Something 2002

Biopic about the late "Saturday Night Live" star Gilda Radner. Gilda tells her own story, beginning with her childhood as a chubby girl who loved to perform with her dad, and her early years at Second City in Toronto. There she honed her comedic chops along with John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, all four of whom eventually left for New York to become part of the Not Ready For Primetime Players on "Sautrday Night Live." The movie also chronicles Gilda's lifelong quest to find true love, which she eventually found with Gene Wilder, and how she used her comic genius to inspire women in their fight against cancer. The actress died in 1989 of ovarian cancer at age 42.

Gildas a quelque chose à nous dire 2016

My big brother went away to soon, without a word. Actually, he never could speak, nor could he walk. I never knew what he could see or hear. Or if he really loved me. So before our uncertainties and regrets settle forever, we, his two little brothers, decided to finish the film we had started with him during the last year of his life, hoping to find a word or a look that would prove it to us, once and for all.

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