Starlight 1996

Adrianna (Chong) is a beautiful alien woman who has come to Earth in search of a half alien man (Wirth). She needs him to help her defeat the evil alien Pallas, who himself is out to kill her.

Starlight 1970

A Tibetan Lama. His disciple. The disciple's wife, young boy and terrier. An old tugboat crossing the Mississippi River. A man in his seventh month of solitude. His hermitage built by his own hands. The man's bloodhound; his cat. Clouds crossing the Continental Divide. A mountain stream. A girl. The sun.

Starlight Promises 2018

Shoma Mihara, a freshman in high school, receives a sudden message from his friend Atsushi inviting him to meet again at a mysterious festival. Having been unable to contact Atsushi for three and a half years, Shoma jumps at the chance and heads to join the Starlight Festival, held in a deserted mountain village. Once there, Shoma searches for Atsushi but finds no trace of him. Instead Shoma meets Shiori, a young woman who’s also looking for someone. Kana, the director of the Starlight Festival, assures Shoma that he’ll be able to reunite with Atsushi before the festivities end. Both Shoma and Shiori end up helping with preparations, only to find themselves pulled deeper and deeper into a series of strange happenings. Will Shoma be able to meet his dear friend...?

When the Starlight Ends 2016

An eccentric writer must choose between his work and the love of his life. Looking back, he reflects on whether he has made the right decision.

Seven Ages of Starlight 2012

Seven Ages of Starlight takes us on a journey through the life of stars Stars are at the heart of all life. Humans and all other life forms on our planet - from bacteria in the top of our atmosphere to the creatures in the darkest depths of our oceans - depend on our very own star, the sun. Much of the matter that makes up the known universe comes from stars and is put into motion by their enormous gravity. Even our planet and our bodies are made from stardust forged in the thermonuclear furnace of brightly burning stars.

Frankie Starlight 1995

The quirky story of a young boy's adventures growing up with his stunningly beautiful mother and the two very different men who love her.

Revue Starlight ―The LIVE― #1 revival 2018

At the Seisho Music Academy, the 99th Graduating Class is rehearsing for the annual production of the theatrical play, Starlight. Behind the scenes, however, an underground "Revue Starlight" audition, orchestrated by a talking giraffe, pits the students against each other in stage battles in order to shine as the top star. Karen Aijō, upon being reunited with her childhood friend Hikari Kagura, comes across these auditions and battles to become the top star alongside Hikari.

Touching Starlight 1996

Touching Starlight is a true story about a young girl, Chen Wei, an aspiring dancer whose hopes and dreams for the future are dashed when her leg is amputated due to cancer. To encourage others to overcome their handicaps and to live successful and productive lives, Chen Wei starts a local radio talk program, "Starlight," which also works to address the acceptance of the handicapped by the community at large. Unfortunately, though the radio program proves to be immensely popular due to her hard work and the tireless support of her numerous friends, Chen Wei is forced to leave when it's learned that her cancer has spread, becoming terminal.

Starlight Hotel 1987

During the Great Depression, Kate (Greer Robson) is a 13-year-old girl living on New Zealand's South Island. When her mother dies and her father is offered a job in Wellington on North Island, Kate is sent to live with an aunt. The girl runs away to find her father, hopping onto a boxcar and befriending a fellow fugitive, Patrick (Peter Phelps), an emotionally battle-scarred WWI veteran fleeing the authorities after injuring a repo man. Pretending to be father and daughter, Patrick and Kate use each other for cover as they make their way across New Zealand, sleeping under the stars and championing the rights of destitute farmers and homeless squatters whose fortunes have been wiped out by economic hardship.

Starlight Night 1939

A story set in 1811 as Napoleon is gathering men to go into war. Eight years later Father Joseph Mohr sits down and writes the song Silent Night.

Of Starlight

Elements of science fiction, noir, and an accent of fantasy explore Terry's loss and despair. When Terry's wife is senselessly murdered the police are powerless to enforce justice, so Terry becomes the hand of justice. However the one responsible for Terry's pain is on his own journey, his mission is to return home beyond the stars.

Starlight and Superfish 2010

Nick is stuck in his apartment. He can’t move anything. He can’t open the cabinet, can’t pick up his bottle of Perrier, can’t open the door. He can’t even feed his fish! Suddenly, a British glam-rock band bursts in the door. The band informs Nick that he is dead and can’t leave. To escape his purgatory of abandoned dreams, he must learn the life lessons he ignored while living. Then, he’ll be judged and sent to either Heaven or hell – a jarring concept for an atheist like Nick.

Waltz in Starlight 2007

A young photographer, Nobuto (Nobuto Yamaguchi), returns to his native village in Hamamatsu to visit his grandfather, a man full of vitality. The atmosphere of rural life in the village is depicted in a film that moves between documentary and home cinema, tinged with a feeling of unconcerned happiness and full of little everyday details.

Starlight Over Texas 1938

Tex has been sent to investigate the theft of government provisions along the border. Kildare is the leader of the outlaw gang and has his men posing as Indians. He has already killed the incoming Marshal and assumed his identity. When Tex asks too many questons, he plans to get rid of him also.

Aberration of Starlight 2008

Aberration of starlight: the apparent displacement of a star resulting from Earth’s orbital motion around the Sun. It depends on the ratio of Earth’s orbital speed to the speed of light and Earth’s direction of motion and thus provides confirmation that the Earth orbits the Sun and not the reverse.” Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

Incredible Starlight

A psychological drama about a thirty-year-old woman who suspects her husband of treason, but cannot directly ask about it. "Unchallenged" jealousy makes her go to counter treason.

Starlight 1936

Starlight was an early British television programme, one of the first regular series to be broadcast by the BBC Television Service during the 1930s. Its first edition was broadcast on 3 November 1936 – the day after the service had officially begun – and it continued to be broadcast until the suspension of television for the duration of the Second World War during 1939. After the resumption of BBC television during 1946, Starlight was one of the few pre-war programmes to be reinstated, and it was broadcast for a further three years until 1949. A variety show, the programmes would feature comedians, singers, dancers and various other entertainment acts. One notable edition of the 1930s gave popular singer Gracie Fields her first ever television appearance. As with all other BBC programmes of the time, Starlight was transmitted live from the studios at Alexandra Palace. The shows were not recorded, and no material other than still photographs exists for the series now.

Revue Starlight 2018

Starlight is a song and dance revue troupe loved throughout the world. Karen and Hikari make a promise with each other when they're young that one day they'll stand on that stage together. Time passes, and now the girls are 16 years old. Karen is very enthusiastic about the lessons she takes every day, holding her promise close to her heart. Hikari has transferred schools and is now away from Karen. But the cogs of fate turn, and the two are destined to meet again. The girls and other Stage Girls will compete in a mysterious audition process to gain acceptance into the revue.

Starlight Theatre 1950

Starlight Theatre is an American anthology series that aired on CBS television from April 2, 1950 to September 20, 1951.

Seven Ages Of Starlight 2012

Stars are at the heart of all life. This show tells the definitive story of the birth and death of the most brilliant objects in the universe.

Father's Fruit: Starlight in My Heart 2014

Rahman plays this role as the new chief ranger of the police patrol that venture deep into the forest of the village of Pha Mok where a home invasion occurred. The plantation area is to be declared a reserve and this angers the owner of the plantations, they argue and a battle ensues. The various superstitions of the locals as to the stars become apparent as the story continues.

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