Love Unto Wastes 1986

Four smart young things spend their time dressing, bonking, and getting smashed - until one of them is brutally, arbitrarily murdered in a burglary. The survivors come under the scrutiny of an eccentric cop, and their underlying fears and regrets slowly but surely emerge.

The Waste Land 2009

Iki Tadashi is a military leader named who was captured by the Soviets during World War II. Treated as a war criminal, he was sentenced to many years of labor in a harsh Siberian detention camp. After 11 years of imprisonment, he is released. He returns to Japan and begins readjusting to life as a civilian, rejecting an offer from his former colleague to work on a defense project. Tadashi has decided to never involve himself in war again, much to the joy of his family. Instead, he attempts to set off on a new path working at a major trading company. --Tokyograph

War on Waste 2017

Our waste is growing at double the rate of our population with 52 mega tonnes generated a year. Australia is ranked 5th highest for generating the most municipal waste in the world. In this three-part series, Craig Reucassel is on a mission to see if we, as a nation, can all do a little bit better.

Wasted 2016

Four mates waste their twenties in a West Country village. Morpheus, a geeky conspiracy theorist runs a mystical souvenir shop with his unambitious sister, Sarah. His scrounger best friend Kent sleeps on their sofa rent-free, and his secret crush, Alison, runs a new age healing business at the back of the shop. Mixing the misadventures of twenty something life with visually surreal set pieces, it's about the very bad things that really good friends do to each other, when they've been living in each other's pockets since school. 

Wasteland 1999

Six post-collegiate professionals in New York City bond as they struggle to make sense of pointless jobs and unrequited love.

Wasteland 2016

When Hana Sikorova, mayor of a northern Bohemian village, stands up to a large coal mining concern that offers villagers large compensation in exchange for abandoning their houses built on land containing brown coal deposits, her fourteen year old daughter Misha disappears. The search for her daughter makes Hana suspicious of the whole community, after years of peaceful coexistence. Under the pressure of unfolding events, the community starts to fall apart and show its true face. Solving the mystery divides the story into several interweaving narratives that ultimately connect in unexpected ways.

No Opportunity Wasted

No Opportunity Wasted is a television series that premiered on the Discovery Channel on October 3, 2004. It was created by Phil Keoghan, better known as the host of the reality show on CBS entitled The Amazing Race. In the series, 26 contestants are given 72 hours, $3,000 and the opportunity to fulfill a long-held dream or desire. The show has since spawned a book co-authored by Phil Keoghan, which encourages readers to create a 'list for life.' The book helps the reader map out goals and develop plans to make those ambitions possible. A version was also shot exclusively for the New Zealand market, reflecting Phil Keoghan's fondness for his native country. Also hosted by Keoghan, the show proceeded on much the same premise but with New Zealand contestants. It premiered on New Zealand's TV2 on Sunday November 12, 2006. It was sponsored by New Zealand Vodafone, whose slogan is Make the Most of Now. A third version of the series premiered on CBC in Canada on October 3, 2007. Ten thirty-minute episodes were filmed, hosted by Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby following a May 2007 casting tour through the country by Keoghan.

En route vers Wasteland 2017

Two brothers and their 17-year-old kids take their love of beautiful cars and Mad Max movies on the road for an unusual adventure. This documentary follows them from Day 1 of their journey as they build their supercharged roadster, which they ride across the USA all the way to California to the the world’s biggest post-apocalyptic festival, called Wasteland Weekend.

Girls Beyond the Wasteland 2016

Buntarou doesn't know what he wants to do in the future. He does not have any kind of dream that he wants to pursue, so currently he just spends his days hanging around with his friends. One day, his classmate Sayuki asks him if he wants to help with development of a gal game. She says that she had become interested in his help after she read one of his works intended for the drama club. Buntarou doesn't know anything about gal games, but Sayuki claims that she has the ability to make it a success. Can they make the game, and will it be a success like she claims it will be? This is the story of youths taking a daring step into the unknown...

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