Lay the Favorite 2012

A former stripper's talent with numbers lands her a job with a professional gambler who runs a sports book in Las Vegas.

Dog Lay Afternoon 1976

A young girl witnesses her mother having sex with the family dog. When her father finds out, he burns the dog alive. She is so traumatized by these incidents that she later turns into a nymphomaniac. She moves to an island and lives there with her own dog, having sex with various guests who visit her.

As I Lay Dying 2013

Based on the 1930 classic by Faulkner, it is the story of the death of Addie Bundren and her family's quest to honor her wish to be buried in the nearby town of Jefferson.

Lay Them Straight 2018

A teenage girl battling obsessive compulsive disorder has to run the gamut of school bullies every day, until a traumatic event convinces her that her disorder may be an indication of supernatural powers.

Red Billabong 2016

In the Australian Outback, two brothers discover old secrets and family lies. As their friends start to go missing they fear they are being stalked by someone or something from their worst nightmares - But is it just - A story? A legend? A hoax? Or is it real?

As I Lay Dying 2018

A free adaptation of the classic William Faulkner novel, AS I LAY DYING follows four siblings - three brothers, accompanying their only sister - as they drive to the south of Iran with their newly-deceased father's body. Their father's will demands that his body be buried in a small, faraway village, a place none of his children have ever heard of.

Lay Me Down 2014

A curious relationship between two girls and the dark secret that binds them.

Bilambita Lay 1970

A promising artist and a singer fall in love in college and get married against their families wishes. The singer starts to perform to support her husband and becomes nationally known.The artist fails to sell anything and becomes alcoholic.

Lay It Down 2001

The two Destin brothers are about to collide with eternity. When older Ben chooses the narrow road, he forces his younger brother Pete, and the people around him, into a head-on encounter with life and death.

Lay Down Your Arms 1970

Dennis Potter used his own background as a Russian language clerk in the War Office when writing this play for ITV's SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE series. At the time of the 1956 Suez Crisis and the Russian invasion of Hungary, Private Bob Hawk reports to the London Intelligence Office where the strength of Soviet troops is under scrutiny.

Lay That Rifle Down 1957

Director Charles Lamont's 1955 comedy, about a girl from the sticks doing drudge work at a hotel and dreaming of a better life, stars Judy Canova, Robert Lowery, Jacqueline de Wit, Richard Deacon, Robert Burton, James Bell, Marjorie Bennett, Leon Tyler, William Fawcett and Mimi Gibson.

In the Name of Love 2012

In this dark love triangle that proceeds with the inexorable logic of a Greek tragedy, a dedicated wife in a small Vietnamese fishing village secretly turns to another man when her husband is unable to give her the child they both crave — but the surrogate father's crazed jealousy will have fateful consequences. (TIFF)

Lay My Burden Down 1966

This documentary concentrates on the hardships of black tenant farmers and their families in the Selma, Alabama region. One family of ten survives on only $1,000 a year in a system that has changed little since the days of reconstruction after the Civil War. The sharecroppers work the land owned by white landowners as they struggle to make ends meet. One farmer explains that black people are never offered a loan of more than $50. Another man is evicted for not turning his check from the federal government over to his landlord. A mother's only wish is that her prayers are answered so she can feed and clothe her family.

Lay in Wait 2014

A young married woman in the midst of an affair loses her wedding ring in the woods and must find it before the sun sets.

As He Lay Falling 2014

Digging peat for food and board on a rundown Scottish Highland croft, Georgios discovers the stark difference between his disappearance and disintegration.

The Layover 2011

The Layover is a travel and food show on the Travel Channel hosted by Anthony Bourdain. The show premiered on November 21, 2011 in an episode based on Singapore. The format and the content of the show are based on what a traveler can do, eat, visit and enjoy within 24 to 48 hours in a city. Each episode starts with the host landing at the city, with the clock starting the countdown until the time that he will leave the city. As a seasoned traveler, he meets up with locals and explores the city in and out, within matters of hours, both the touristy way and the local way. On February 15, 2012, Travel Channel renewed the show for the 2012/2013 season, selecting November 19, 2012 for the second season premiere; featured cities for the season include Atlanta, Chicago, Dublin, New Orleans, Paris, Philadelphia, São Paulo, Seattle, Toronto, and Taipei.

Angelic Layer 2001

12-year-old Misaki Suzuhara has just gotten involved in Angelic Layer, a battling game using electronic dolls called angels. Even as a newbie, Misaki shows advanced skills as she meets new friends and enters Angelic Layer tournaments to fight the greatest Angelic Layer champions of the nation.

The Laytons

The Laytons was an American sitcom that was broadcast on the now defunct DuMont Television Network, from August to October 1948. The series starred Vera Tatum and Amanda Randolph, and was one of the first network television series to feature an African-American performer in a regular role.

Fast Layne

Twelve-year-old overachiever Layne finds her orderly life thrown into a tailspin when she discovers a sophisticated talking car named “V.I.N.” hidden in an abandoned shed. With the help of her eccentric neighbor Zora, Layne embarks on a high-speed adventure filled with bad guys, secret agents and other surprises to unlock the mystery behind V.I.N.’s creation.

Blue Comet SPT Layzner 1985

Blue Comet SPT Layzner, sometimes translated as Blue Meteor SPT Layzner, is an anime series produced by Sunrise and Tatsunoko Production between 1985 and 1986. Its original creator was Ryousuke Takahashi of Armored Trooper Votoms fame who served as the writer and wrote the scripts for such shows as Panzer World Galient, Tetsuwan Atom, Zero Tester, Fang of the Sun Dougram, Cyborg 009, Gasaraki and Blue Gender.

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