White Gold 1957

A man died during the search for the hidden treasure. Upon hearing this news, people left the village in search for gold and all the luxury that came with it.

Gold Woman 2016

A female career banker shatters the glass ceiling of a mega bank by disclosing its shady business to light. Tamaki, the Gold Woman, has worked her way up to be appointed General Manager of the office regarded as the General Staff Headquar- ters of the Bank with an assignment to liquidate its subsidiary by laying off 200 employees in total. Such mentally challenging appointment was made via recommendation by her senior colleague Mai, a smart and foxy woman running ahead of Tamaki in her career. With the help of her male colleague, Tamaki, a lone female wolf dares to challenge the all-male executives to prove what a true business person is all about.

Idukki Gold 2013

The film narrates the story of a few high-school friends getting back together after a long time.

Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast 1997

Karen stands to inherit millions from her dead husband on one condition: she must stay away from other men. Two of the deceased's former associates seek his money by getting closer to Karen, not knowing that doing so places the fortune out of reach.

Gold Digger 2016

Lifestyle blogger Marja ( Minka Kuustonen ) must not leave the blog to take off, even though the company is hard. The money is going, but it just does not come. Marja collides Olaviin ( Mew Mew Power ). Olavi was born golden spoon in your mouth, but he just wants to be ordinary. Screwball Olavi could be a solution to the crisis of astute cash shortages and to Berry 's successor amounts falling. Olavi women do not know anything terribly.

Green Gold 1939

After many years away a woman returns to her hometown in Lapland with her husband. There she falls in love with a handsome forester.

Gold Constables 1981

A large quantity of gold is stolen from the government, so undercover martial arts constables do there detective work to find out the culprits and the whereabouts of the bullion. Awesome fight scenes, choreographed by Hwang Kwo Chu, with a lot of innovative weapon work.

Gold Coins 2017

Achu (Gopal) and Kichu (Vasudev), hailing from a hamlet in Kumarakom live by their dream of owning a geared bicycle. In their journey towards their dream, the boys gets separated in the city and face unseen challenges. Gold coins portrays the journey of these two young brothers through a test of human values, conviction and perseverance.

Papa Gold 2011

Denny is living the high life in Berlin and is having sex with a lot of girls. Denny got a mother. This mother just got a new husband: Frank. Denny hasn't talked to his mother in 10 years. Frank wants to change this. He takes a train to Berlin. Who's gonna be the first to mature?

Lust for Gold 1949

A Dutch miner (Glenn Ford) and an Old West couple (Ida Lupino, Gig Young) die fighting over an Arizona gold mine lost in an earthquake.

Gold 2017

Spanish soldiers battle indigenous tribes and their own brutal natures as they search for a legendary city built of gold.

GoldenEye 1995

James Bond must unmask the mysterious head of the Janus Syndicate and prevent the leader from utilizing the GoldenEye weapons system to inflict devastating revenge on Britain.

Fields of Gold 2002

A two-part conspiracy thriller starring Anna Friel. An eager young photographer and a bitter tabloid hack are sent to investigate mysterious deaths at a cottage hospital. But why is the new environment minister keeping tabs on their every move? The TV movie tackles controversial topics like genetically modified plants, the role of large pharmaceutical companies and the question of control of state and government

Jade Solid Gold

Jade Solid Gold is a music show on the TVB Jade television channel. It has been running since October 10, 1981.

Alaska Gold Diggers 2013

SaraJane and her four daughters from Southern California pool their savings and head to Alaska in an attempt to reopen their deceased Grandfather’s gold mines, one in Nome and another 500 miles away in Fairbanks. Working side by side with grizzled Alaskan mining crews, SJ and her daughters face everything Alaska has to offer, and then some.

Legend of Croc Gold 2016

A miner and his family search for untapped gold reserves that are guarded by giant crocodiles in Papua New Guinea.

Gold Trails and Ghost Towns

Gold Trails and Ghost Towns is a historical documentary show first produced for Canadian syndication. Created and produced by Kelowna television station CHBC-TV and hosted by Mike Roberts with historian storyteller Bill Barlee. The show was filmed in a studio which resembled an old trapper's cabin. Mike and Bill discuss history of the old West by prospectors around 1900 in British Columbia.

Goldie Gold and Action Jack

Goldie Gold and Action Jack is a 1981 American animated series produced by Ruby-Spears that aired for one season on ABC. It follows the random adventures of wealthy teenager girl Goldie Gold, who own the Gold Street Journal, and her ace reporter companion, Action Jack Travis, who works under Goldie and her dog Nugget. Thirteen episodes were produced.

The Curse of Civil War Gold 2018

A deathbed confession made by a lighthouse keeper in the 1890s leads Kevin Dykstra and his team to believe there is Civil War gold to be found in Michigan.

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