I Ought to Be in Pictures 1982

Grandmother has nothing to say when Libby tells her that she is off to LA to look up Dad, a Hollywood screenwriter. Grandmother has been in a New York cemetery for six years and Dad has been out of Libby's life for 16 of her 19 years. Libby arrives in LA on a Tuesday and phones Dad the one night that Stephanie, who does Jane Fonda's hair, stays over. Stephanie is there the next morning when Libby decides she needs to tell her story face-to-face.

Pictures 1983

Ruby L. Sears, a saucy flapper with an unswerving determination to become a silent-film star, enters script writer Bill Trench's life when she gate-crashes a film-studio party.

Hopeless Pictures 2005

Hopeless Pictures is an American animated comedy series starring the voice of Friends actress Lisa Kudrow, Seinfeld guest actor Bob Balaban, and produced and broadcast by the IFC. The cartoon follows fictional film producer Mel Wax, voiced by Michael McKean, in a spoof of the Hollywood movie industry. Stylistically the show makes use of the audio from scripted telephone conversations combined with on-screen gags surrounding the cartoon characters speaking.

Chandon Pictures 2007

Chandon Pictures was an Australian comedy television series that premiered on Movie Extra on 10 November 2007 and ended on 7 May 2009. The series featured sixteen episodes and was a spin-off from a Tropfest short film produced by Rob Carlton and Alex Weinress. It followed the misadventures of a struggling video production company called 'Chandon Pictures.' Rob Carlton, who plays the main character, is the younger cousin of Brian Carlton, The Spoonman talkback host on the Austereo Triple M network. This was revealed when The Spoonman interviewed Rob. On 10 July 2008, it was announced that the series had won a second season and it had sold format rights to its distributor Lionsgate. The first season premiered in the UK on Dave on 19 February 2009 in a 10pm slot. It was also aired in the US on the Sundance Channel.

Talking Pictures 2013

A look back at television appearances by legends of the silver screen, using archive footage to tell the story of their lives and careers.

Talking Pictures

Australian documentary series which premiered in 1989 on Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures was a television series devoted to film that aired on BBC 2 from 1991 to 1996. It was presented by Rock Follies screenwriter Howard Schuman. Each program was composed of several short films on different cinematic subjects and not necessarily on current releases. Although it never achieved high ratings, Moving Pictures was frequently used to teach film studies. Interviewed on the set of Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino told John Travolta it was the best show about movies on television. Director Mike Figgis credited a film about himself with salvaging his career after it showed the other side of the story regarding the making of his film Mr. Jones. The series finished in 1996, largely due to the huge cost of paying for film clips, but excerpts from it have since appeared as supplementary material on DVD releases. The Criterion Collection editions of Chungking Express and Straw Dogs include Moving Pictures documentaries on Wong Kar-Wai and Sam Peckinpah respectively.

Don't Eat the Pictures

Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a one-hour Sesame Street special that aired on PBS on November 16, 1983. The title comes from a song in the special "Don't Eat the Pictures," sung by Cookie Monster. It was released on VHS in 1987. The special has the regular cast of Sesame Street getting locked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art overnight as they search for Big Bird, who has gotten lost looking for Snuffy. The cast must stay in the museum until the morning while avoiding a security guard. The special features the regular human cast of Sesame Street along with several of the Muppet characters, including Cookie Monster, Telly, Ernie and Bert, The Count, Grover, and Oscar the Grouch. Snuffy also appears, however at this point in the show's history he is still the 'imaginary' friend of Big Bird, never seen by the other characters.

Radio with Pictures

Radio with Pictures was an early music video program, airing on New Zealand broadcaster TV2 from 1976 to 1986. "RadPix" aired as a weekly, late night series featuring adult and alternative music. In 1976, TV2 producer Peter Grattan coordinated pop clips being supplied for no charge by record companies, some of them being unsuitable for the children's or prime time schedule With over sixty 'unusable' pop clips, Grattan proposed a late night "radio with pictures" concept to then-Head of Programs Kevan Moore. Moore was a former producer of The C'mon Show, a popular music series in the 1960s, and had included pop clips in that program. The concept was approved and the first thirteen half-hour episodes aired from September through December 1976. RadPix had no budget and thus no host; instead, imaginative Terry Gilliam-style graphics linked the various pop clips. The first clip to play was Steve Miller's Fly Like an Eagle and the first show also featured New Zealand band Red Hot Peppers. Subsequently, a NZ-based act was featured every week and to end the first series, Grattan produced a Keepin' It Kiwi special with ten NZ acts. RadPix also became an avenue for international acts such as Bob Marley, Little Feat, Blondie and Rainbow to gain fans, promote tours and sell records.

Pictures with Woofer

Pictures with Woofer, originally titled Patty's Picture House, is a Canadian children's short film television series which aired on CBC Television in 1960.

Pictures of You

Pictures of You is an Australian talk show program that aired on the Seven Network on 27 March 2012, Hosted by Brian Nankervis.

Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures

Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures is a 2004 BBC Television docudrama telling the life story of the British crime-writer Agatha Christie in her own words.

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