Hail, Caesar! 2016

Tells the comedic tale of Eddie Mannix, a fixer who worked for the Hollywood studios in the 1950s. The story finds him at work when a star mysteriously disappears in the middle of filming.

Hail 1973

A presidential advisor discovers that the President has assembled a secret army of vigilantes to suppress dissent and is setting up concentration camps in which to imprison protestors, hippies and other "social undesirables."

Hail Columbia! 1982

The maiden voyage of Columbia, the first space shuttle, is recounted with footage shot on the ground and in space.

Hail the Judge 1994

Pao Lung-Sing, a descendant of the famous Judge Pao Ching Tient, is a 9th degree corrupt judge (lowest degree) who changes his tune when he tries to champion a woman Chi Siu-Lin, who was framed for killing her husband. As a result, Pao is forced to flee and through a series of events (often hilarious) becomes a 1st degree judge and comes back to wreak havoc and justice on the guilty.

Hail Arcadia 2015

“Traveller, seek not the myth of carefree life here on the Arcadian mountains. Bare Maenalus resembles an altar of the past. And yet remember. How many times forsaken Nature has disclosed to us That one day through our love Pan will live again.” ​Tegea, Arcadia: A small plain surrounded by mountains on the road leading to Sparta. Far from the sea, which always lies ahead of us.

Hail the Conquering Hero 1944

Having been discharged from the Marines for a hayfever condition before ever seeing action, Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith (Eddie Bracken) delays the return to his hometown, feeling that he is a failure. While in a moment of melancholy, he meets up with a group of Marines who befriend him and encourage him to return home to his mother by fabricating a story that he was wounded in battle with honorable discharge.

Hail, Hero! 1969

Hail, Hero! stars Michael Douglas in his screen debut as long-haired college student Carl Dixon. Reversing the usual procedure in late-1960s films, Dixon decides to quit school and enlist in the Army, even though he's already run afoul of the law as a Vietnam protestor. It is our hero's intention to use love, rather than bullets, to combat the Viet Cong. Needless to say, his idealism is no match for the harsher realities of war, but this doesn't stop him from endlessly spouting the sort of agit-prop rhetoric so beloved of filmmakers of the era. In addition to Michael Douglas, co-star Peter Strauss likewise makes his first film appearance in Hail, Hero! Dated in the extreme, the film is saved by the musical score by Gordon Lightfoot.

So Proudly We Hail 1943

A group of U.S. Army nurses leaves San Francisco for their tour of duty in Hawaii in December 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor changes their destination, and their lives. Sent to Bataan, in the Philippines, the nurses are led by Lt. Janet Davidson. She is faced with untested nurses who expected an easy time in Honolulu, but who quickly become battle-weary veterans dealing with daily bombardments by the Japanese, overwhelmed by the numbers of wounded, and dwindling supplies. Some of "Davey's" unit also have to deal with romantic entanglements with men they met onboard ship. When Bataan falls, the American forces flee to the offshore island of Corregidor, where they find the Japanese assault just as intense.

Hail Caesar 1994

Caesar is having a hard time dividing his time between his band and his rich girlfriend, Buffer. Buffer's dad doesn't like Ceasar for her. He called in Caesar to make a bet. If Caesar gets to make a hundred thousand dollars within six months, he can have Buffer but if he does not, he won't see her forever. How can Ceasar win the bet if what he only knows is jam with his band mates?

Hail Columbia 1934

This short film provides highlights from American history, focusing on George Washington's farewell to the troops to the War of 1812.

A Hail of Bullets 1977

A sarcastic, improvisational film, with anarchic origins, strongly cinephile flavor, and largely autobiographical in nature and content. A film director strives to escape alienation, while, at the same time, expressing his intense feelings for his wife, cinema and Greece during the restoration of democracy.

Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll 1987

St. Louis, 1986. For Chuck Berry's 60th, Keith Richards assembles a pickup band of Robert Cray, Joey Spampinato, Eric Clapton, himself, and long-time Berry pianist Johnnie Johnson. Joined on stage by Etta James, Linda Ronstadt, and Julian Lennon, Berry performs his classic rock songs. His abilities as a composer, lyricist, singer, musician, and entertainer are on display and, in behind-the-scenes interviews, are discussed by Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bruce Springstein, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, and others. There's even a rarity for Berry, a rehearsal. Archival footage from the early 1950s and a duet with John Lennon round out this portrait of a master.

Hail the New Puritan 1985

Hail the New Puritan is a fictionalised documentary about the Scottish dancer and choreographer Michael Clark. Set design by the imitable Leigh Bowery.

Hail the Woman 1921

Oliver Beresford is a stern, Puritanical, and uncompromisingly rigid father. When shameful stories about his daughter Judith surface, rather than determine whether the stories are true, he bans her from his house. Her brother David, a pusillanimous reprobate, has secretly married and fathered, then abandoned, a child. Judith takes care of the child and finds a way to restore her family through the love for the babe.

Hail to the Rangers 1943

In this western, fake settlers make themselves at home on an ex-ranger's ranch and drive him away. A shady newspaper publisher and a gambler then conspire to take over the land. Fortunately, another ranger endeavors to help his pal. Enlisting the aide of his fellow rangers, they get oust the homesteaders. The publisher and the gambler shoot each other and the retired ranger gets his ranch back.

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