Lamb 2016

Lamb, based on the novel by Bonnie Nadzam, traces the self-discovery of David Lamb in the weeks following the disintegration of his marriage and the death of his father. Hoping to regain some faith in his own goodness, he turns his attention to Tommie, an awkward and unpopular eleven-year-old girl. Lamb is convinced that he can help her avoid a destiny of apathy and emptiness, and takes Tommie for a road trip from Chicago to the Rockies, planning to initiate her into the beauty of the mountain wilderness. The journey shakes them in ways neither expects.

Lamb 1986

Michael Lamb is a Father questioning his calling, in a Reform School in Ireland. When young epileptic runaway Eoin is sent to the school, the two recognise kindred spirits and escape to London together. With the police on their tail and the money running out however, Lamb is forced to make some terrible decisions.

Dr. Lamb 1992

An abnormal taxi driver lusts for blood every rainy night, and several young women are killed as a result. The muderer, Laiu, likes to take photos of the victims dismembered bodies as momentos. Inspector Lee is called onto the case in this bizarre thriller.

Lamb 1964

The traditional struggle, known as Lamb in Wolof, which recalls the Greco-Roman struggle, is a popular national sport in Senegal. It has special rules and very strict. Every spectator can bet on his favorite wrestler in a festive atmosphere. The Dakar Arena serves as a showcase for the battles in the film.

Lamb 2015

When an Ethiopian boy moves in with distant relatives he takes his pet sheep with him but the upcoming holidays spell danger for his beloved friend.

Lamb Of God: Killadelphia 2005

Part concert footage, part fly-on-the-wall video documentary of the ups and downs of a road tour, Lamb of God: Killadelphia could easily entertain the most stubborn of metal haters with its lively peek at the band at work and play between shows. Whether dealing with rental truck breakdowns, show delays, radio interviews, in-store appearances, late arrivals of equipment, or dazzled fans, the members of Lamb of God and their handful of assistants keep their cool with fluent wit, easygoing camaraderie, and unabashed romanticism (meeting up with band members' spouses is one of the highlights of Killadelphia). Meanwhile, Lamb of God's grinding, apocalyptic wall of sound, especially singer Randy Blythe's croaking, monster vocals, whip a Philadelphia crowd into a hellbound fury. Special features include three music videos, including an uncensored "Now You've Got Something to Die For."

The Lamb 2016

Found beaten and covered in strange blood markings, Sara Combs must relive the past 48 hours of her abduction during a police interrogation. As Sara dives back into her ordeal signs of the occult begin to surface.

Eat Lamb 2009

A performance by Eric Hokansen at the Jajo Gallery, Newark, New Jersey, November 15th 2008 Presented by Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn.

The Lamb 1915

Gerald, the somewhat frail son of a wealthy New York family, is bested at the beach by Bill, a strapping young cowboy from Arizona. His fiancée Mary, ashamed of Gerald's "yellow streak", leaves him and goes by train to visit some friends in Arizona, with Bill in tow. Gerald follows them, and before long he and Mary winds up captured by Yaqui Indians and Gerald must prove to Mary that he is not the "weakling" she thinks he is by coming up with a plan for them to escape their captors.

Law of the Lamb 2016

While driving along a road in the Tunisian desert in an old battered van on their way to market to sell their sheep, an old man and his grandson are stopped by two policemen. In order to be allowed to leave, they have to accept a strange and unusual deal.

Lament of the Lamb 2002

Ever since his mother died, Kazuna Takashiro has been living under the roof of Mr. And Mrs. Eda, who are his father's friends. One day, he passes out while working as a model in an art class. Repeated nightmarish imageries invade his mind, and, without even knowing, he heads toward his old home. Once he gets there, he is reunited with his older sister, Chizuna, who tells him about the secret of the grave "illness" that runs in their family. An illness that make them overcome with a desire for blood of others. When Kazuna's symptoms are all apparent with shivering fit and all, Chizuna tries to give him her own blood, and remarks that nothing can be done about it...

Lamb on the Spit 1982

Brothers and their sister come to their native village on their deceased father's burial. Each of them has own plan of taking particular area of property, but in the will their father left behind it is stated they can use the lot only together. They leave the village in disappointment.

Behold The Lamb 2011

Behold the Lamb is darkly comic road movie that follows Eddie, a fifty year old overweight and depressed accountant and Liz, a young tearaway as they travel across Northern Ireland to pick up a lamb

Lamb Chop's Play-Along 1991

Lamb Chop's Play-Along is an American children's television series that was shown on PBS in the United States from 1992 until 1997, as well as on YTV in Canada. It was created and hosted by puppeteer Shari Lewis, and featured her puppet character Lamb Chop.

Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb 2014

The popular Selling Houses returns for a new series and with a new presenter: Amanda Lamb. Three homeowners compete to win an offer from a buyer. They are all given the rare opportunity to snoop round each other's houses to eye up the competition. Then armed with this knowledge, as well as £1000 and advice from Amanda, they have just one week to improve their homes.

Lambing Live 2010

Lambing Live is a farming programme which was broadcast live on BBC Two in five parts, beginning on Sunday 7 March 2010. Presented by Kate Humble and Adam Henson, the show was mainly filmed live on the Beavan family farm, near Abergavenny in Monmouthshire and followed a week in the life of the farm, concentrating on the births of the new lambs. Filmed inserts showed the lead-up to the lambing season, including the purchase of two new stud sheep. The show was produced in a style similar to Springwatch. The second series following a farming family from Cumbria began on 4 April 2011, again presented by Kate Humble. A third series will be broadcast in 2014.

Shaun the Sheep: One Giant Leap for Lambkind

Unidentified Farm Objects and paranormal sightings are the norm with Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard buddies Bitzer, Shirley, and Timmy, as they encounter more madcap mischief along with those Naughty Pigs next door. Big laughs are evident, as the creators of the Academy Award®-winning Wallace & Gromit™ are out to prove that sheepherding fun is universal.

Lone Target 2014

Ex-Navy SEAL Joel Lambert is pit against the world's most elite military and law enforcement tracking teams. With only what he can carry on his back, Joel will play an extreme version of hide-and-seek in unknown treacherous terrain with nothing but a basic survival kit and canteen of water as he attempts to evade capture in 48-hours or less.

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