Clown 2014

A loving father finds a clown suit for his son's birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its wearer into a killer.

Clown 1986

Official entry to the first Metro Manila Film Festival in 1986 directed by Celso Ad. Castillo and starred German Moreno and the All-Star Cast

Stitches 2012

The clumsy and unfunny clown Richard "Stitches" Grindle entertains at the 10th birthday party of little Tom, but the boy and his friends play a prank with Stitches, tying his shoelaces. Stitches slips, falls and dies. Six years later, Tom gives a birthday party for his friends at home, but Stitches revives to haunt the teenagers and revenge his death.

ClownTown 2016

Whilst on their way to a concert four friends get sidetracked and stranded in a seemingly abandoned town and whilst looking for help find themselves stalked and terrorised by a gang of violent clown dressed psychopaths who will stop at nothing ensnaring them into their sinister blood thirsty games.

Clown 1968

A young French boy and his dog Clown romp happily through the streets, until one day the boy stops to play cards with friends in a park. After the game, Clown is seen running off. The little boy searches the streets for his beloved pet. Along with Larry Yust's 'Lottery', 'Clown' was possibly one of the two best selling ed films ever made. On the surface, it's a cute kid & dog story. Underlying is a possible subtext that fascinates us every time we view the film, and makes for a satisfying, yet ultimately ambiguous ending. Gilou Pelletier is outstanding as the small boy, and the camera work by Guy Suzuki takes wonderful advantage of the terraces of Montmartre.

Clown 2007

Five college students spend a weekend in a desolate cabin in the mountains only to be terrorized by a man dressed as a clown.

Clown 2018

Tension is high when a suspicious looking customer walks into a bank. Everyone inside freezes with caution, awaiting his first move.

Shakes the Clown 1992

Shakes plods about his duties as party clown, and uses all of his free time getting seriously drunk. Binky, another clown, wins the spot on a local kiddie show, which depresses Shakes even more, and his boss threatens him with unemployment if he can't get his act under control.

Clown of the Jungle 1947

In the African jungle, the narrator introduces us to the various birds living there and to wildlife photographer Donald Duck intent on getting some pictures. Unfortunately, all his attempts to photograph birds are ruined by the "clown of the jungle", the Aracuan Bird. Example: when Donald attempts to photograph a chorus line of hummingbirds, the Aracuan Bird interrupts the picture with a Russian kick dance. Donald becomes aggravated to the point where he gives chase but the bird always manages to outsmart Donald and make short work of his sanity.

The Crescent Moon Clown 2018

New owners have moved into Steelmanville Road and their daughter Renee is home alone her first night. Unexplained things start happening immediately and at first she believes some of her friends have snuck in the house to scare her, but soon she learns it's something evil. The source of evil appears to emanate from a clown doll she found in a locked box that's now free.

Laugh, Clown, Laugh 1928

A despairing clown suffering a broken heart and a self-indulgent count who uncontrollably laughs learn to help each other with their problems, but both fall in love with the same young woman.

The Clown 2011

The life of the owners of Circus Esperança, Puro Sangue e Pangaré, father and son, who plays two clowns. At a certain point, Pangaré starts showing tiredness and sadness for being an unhappy clown.

King and the Clown 2005

Set in the late 15th century during the reign of King Yeonsan, two male street clowns and tightrope walkers, Jangsaeng (Gam Wu-seong) and Gong-gil (Lee Joon-gi), are part of an entertainer troupe. Their manager prostitutes the beautiful Gong-gil to rich customers, and Jangsaeng is sickened by this practice. After Gong-gil kills the manager in defense of Jangsaeng, the pair flee to Seoul, where they form a new group with three other street performers...

Klown 2010

Frank is left with the responsibility for his nephew Bo on an already planned canoe trip. Frank's mate Casper is also coming along. Weighed down a with their obligation, Frank and Casper nevertheless look forward to ending the trip at Skanderborg Festival where there's plenty there for the guys, a spree of drinking and women. Not the best example to set for young Bo. And how do their partners see it all?

Killer Clown 2010

A serial killer dressed in a clown mask and a long black robe terrorizes a small town and murders people randomly and for no apparent reason. A man whose girlfriend gets killed by the clown seeks revenge and enacts his own brand of vigilante justice.

The Clown 2006

A young clown decides to abandon the small-town circus he works for in order to try and make it in a big city.

Le sourire du clown 1999

A clown from Romania (Ticky Holgado) has more than amusing tricks for children on his mind -- he has in his possession a computer disc with information wanted by the police, several organized crime figures and the European Agency for Atomic Energy.

Der Clown 1998

Der Clown was a German television series that ran between 21 April 1998 and 11 October 2001. It ran for 46 episodes, and starred Sven Martinek, Diana Frank, Thomas Anzenhofer and Volkmar Kleinert. Der Clown was also a 2005 film.

Cool Clown Ground

Cool Clown Ground is a public-access television cable TV show that airs on Chicago Access Network Television at 10 pm on Sunday nights in Chicago, starring Shelley Mobil and members of the band Cheer-Accident. The show has three main formats: the in-studio improvisation, the street interview and the live call-in on Public-access television cable TV.

The Magic Clown

The Magic Clown was a NBC TV series which ran from 1949 to 1954. The final NBC broadcast was on June 27, 1954. The show then moved to WABD where it stayed until 1958. After that, It was renamed Bonomo, The Magic Clown and was broadcast on WNTA from September 29, 1958 to July 24, 1959. The show was sponsored by Bonomo Turkish Taffy. Josh Norris was the first Magic Clown, and went on to a successful career as a full time magician. A single episode of the show appears on a DVD box set by Shout! Factory, and two episodes appear on a DVD by Shokus Video.

Little Clowns of Happytown

Little Clowns of Happytown is an American animated television series that aired on ABC on Saturday morning from September 26, 1987 to July 16, 1988.

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