Sick Nurses 2007

At a Thai hospital, a doctor and his seven nubile nurses engage in the sale of dead bodies. Jealousy causes one of the nurses to threaten to blow the whistle on the practice, so the others murder her. Soon the spirit of the slain nurse seeks revenge. In flashbacks we see the events leading up to the murder, and realize the full range of relationships between the main characters.

Nurses Do It Better 2017

Based on a True Story in the United States Health Care System: Suddenly in the grip of a physical attack, John doubles over in pain and forcefully vomits in a hospital Emergency Room. Not his first trip to the ER, John's treated like the junky he might be as he seeks specific narcotics that have helped him in his past.

Nurse's Confession 2009

Yukiko is a nurse working at a general hospital. Because of the long, hard hours she keeps, she is under a great deal of stress. One day, she meets Kenta, a handsome patient hospitalized with a broken leg.

Night Call Nurses 1972

The sweet and perky Barbara, the sunny Janis, and the responsible Sandra are a trio of young and attractive nurses who work in the psych ward at a hospital. The threesome really have their hands full dealing with nutty patients, creepy stalkers, and black revolutionaries

Maniac Nurses 1992

In a remote fortress, a sinister sorority of surgically skilled sisters lie in wait of their next victim. They control a bevy of caged women who have been brain washed and sponge-batherto become the worlds most anatomically awesome surgeons. This is the git-wrenching story of one innocent girl, Sabrina, who finds herself trapped in a living nightmare. Captive to a slavery ring that is training an

Nurses Report 1972

Reporters reveal intolerable conditions in Munich's St. Martin Hospital. The nurses are underpaid and overworked, and have sex with doctors and patients.

Private Duty Nurses 1971

A trio of beautiful private-duty nurses that practice more than the medical arts must confront underground drug traffickers, racism and murder in their local hospital.

Nifty Nurses 1934

Scantily clad, irreverent nurses keep things cheerful by singing

Vietnam Nurses 2005

The untold stories of six Australian army nurses who served at the only Australian field hospital in the Vietnam War.

Doctors & Nurses 1981

Doctors and Nurses is a gimmick film, a down under age reversal trick in the style of Alan Parker's 'Bugsy Malone'. A bunch of kids play the game of Doctors and Nurses - of the inoffensive dress-up kind - tending a bunch of adults suffering from a variety of ailments.

Night Nurses 2007

After an accident, an unconscious and charming millionaire from Moscow lands in a provincial boarding house where he is surrounded with loving care by four sexy nurses.

The Student Nurses 1970

Follows the lives of a group of young nurses in Los Angeles, including a nurse who joins a band of revolutionaries, and one who finds herself succumbing to drugs.

Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7 1993

Student nurses join some doctors to work in a medical station a few hours flying-time from the Mexican town of Catamaco. One of their planes goes down due to an engine malfunction and crashes in the rain forest. This is the story of the attempts to save the lives of the passengers (both nurses and doctors).

Leave It to the Nurses 2002

Flighty young nurse Izumi Asakura longs to have her honeymoon in a far off tropical paradise but her doctor husband feels that he cannot afford to take time off from developing his career. To Izumi's dismay, Wakabakai General Hospital is fast becoming a far less pleasant place to work, thanks to the appointment of a militaristic chief nurse who demands steadfast adherence to protocol. Things get much worse, however, via the arrival of Saruwatari, a hypochondriac desperate to be re-admitted so that he can enjoy the attentions of nurse Shoko Ozaki. When the chief nurse has him ejected by security, Saruwatari comes back armed and takes everyone on the floor hostage. Shoko happened to be on her lunch break at the time and has trouble getting back into the building when the police swarm around it en masse. The authorities are not sure just how to deal with the situation, though, since the "victims" seem to be taking things far less seriously than they are.

The Young Nurses 1973

Sexy young nurses apply special therapy in their daily rounds, as they work against a drug ring operating out of the hospital

Young Nurses in Love 1989

Russian agents raid an American sperm bank in order to get the sperm of geniuses Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein to take back to Russia with them.

Nurses 1991

Nurses is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from 1991 to 1994, developed and produced by Susan Harris as a spin-off of Empty Nest.

The Nurses 1962

The Nurses is a serialized primetime medical drama which aired on CBS from September 27, 1962 to May 11, 1965. It was originally called The Nurses when it premiered in 1962; for the second season, the title was expanded to The Doctors and the Nurses and it ran until 1965, when it was transformed into a half-hour daytime soap opera. The soap opera, also called The Nurses, ran on ABC from 1965 to 1967.

The Nurses 1965

The Nurses is an American soap opera that aired on ABC from September 27, 1965 to March 31, 1967. The show was a continuation of a serialized primetime drama which aired on CBS originally called The Nurses when it premiered in 1962, later called The Doctors and the Nurses. The setting was Alden General Hospital and the main characters included Mary Fickett as Liz Thorpe and Melinda Cordell as Gail Lucas, along with Claudia McNeil, Lee Patterson, Nicholas Pryor, Paul Stevens, Arthur Franz, and Lesley Woods.

Doctors and Nurses 2004

Doctors and Nurses is a British television sitcom written by Nigel Smith and Dr. Phil Hammond, focusing on the fraught relationship between two orthopaedic surgeons, set in a hospital on the Isle of Wight. It starred Adrian Edmondson, Mina Anwar and David Mitchell, and aired six episodes on BBC One in 2004. The series was neither a critical nor commercial success, and did not return for a second series. Edmondson did go on to play a similar doctor role in the non-comic hospital drama Holby City. Phil Hammond appeared as a neurosurgeon in episode three.

Nurses Who Kill 2016

The stories of some of the most prolific murderers and serial killers to walk hospital grounds across the globe. Often referred to as the ‘angels of the ward’ experts examine what turned these caregivers into killers.

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