Changes 1991

Melanie is a top TV news reporter, living in New York with her twin teenage daughters. Peter is a handsome and divorced heart surgeon working at an L.A. hospital with three children of his own. A chance meeting leads to instant romance and eventual marriage, bringing about drastic changes in their lives...not all of them good.

E-Ring 2005

E-Ring is an American television military drama, created by Ken Robinson and David McKenna and executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, that premiered on NBC on September 21, 2005. The title of the show refers to the structure of The Pentagon, which is configured in five concentric rings, from "A" to "E", with E being the outermost ring. Before any military action can be taken anywhere in the world the mission must be planned and approved by the most important ring of the Pentagon, the E-ring. This is where the more high-profile work is done, all operations must be legally approved and the green light given by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The show starred Benjamin Bratt as Major James Tisnewski, a former Delta Force operator and Dennis Hopper as Colonel Eli McNulty, as officers working in the E-ring of the Pentagon in the Special Operations Division – planning and co-ordinating covert US special operations actions around the globe. The show struggled from the onset because it was up against ABC's Top 20 hit Lost, CBS's Top 30 hit Criminal Minds, FOX's Top 10 hit American Idol and the network's Top 30 hit Unan1mous. Although NBC gave it an earlier time slot which led to better ratings, the show was pulled from the lineup during the February sweeps and officially canceled at the NBC Upfront on May 15.

Ring of Fire 2012

When an oil rig causes an eruption in a small town, it's just the first in a series that could affect the dangerous Ring of Fire that contains most of the world's volcanoes. If these cataclysmic eruptions cannot be stopped, the Earth could be headed for an extinction level event.

Flower Ring 2007

Complex emotional drama about a wealthy family and the five siblings who fall in love and create issues for the class system of Thailand

Queen of the Ring 2017

Nan Hee is an ugly girl and this has influenced her to become mean. One day, she receives a ring which holds a family secret. Se Gun is handsome, but he has a cold-blooded personality. Due to the magic of the ring, he declares Nan Hee as his ideal woman with a beautiful appearance.

Ringer 2011

Six months after deciding to pull herself together and get sober, Bridget witnesses a murder. Realizing her life is in danger and not trusting the FBI to protect her, she runs to her wealthy twin sister, Siobhan, in New York. Things start out well -- with the two patching up a fractured relationship -- when Siobhan suddenly goes missing. Bridget assumes her sister's identity, but soon learns that Siobhan's life is not as perfect as it looks and she is no safer than she was before

Ring: The Final Chapter 1999

Ring: The Final Chapter is a television series, produced in Japan, based on the Ring movie series. There are a total of 12 episodes in the series and a sequel was made called Rasen, consisting of 13 episodes.

Ring Raiders 1989

Ring Raiders is an animated television series based on a 1980s toy line made by Matchbox.

The Devil Ring 2016

When Freshman Zhou Xiaoan put on a ring of unclear origin, a terrifying devil leaps from his mouth and his life is changed forever. Shocking historical secrets are slowly revealed - a Blood Devil calling itself King Zhou of Shang, a race of heart-eating zombies; a dubious group of Taoist Priests that fight against them; mysterious beings of the supernatural world who can blend in to human society.

Iron Ring 2008

Iron Ring was a reality television series and mixed martial arts competition, originating from the United States, that aired on BET.

Ruby Ring

Ruby Ring is a 2013 South Korean television daily drama series starring Lee So-yeon, Im Jung-eun, Kim Suk-hoon and Park Kwang-hyun. It airs on KBS2 on Mondays to Fridays at 19:45 beginning August 19, 2013.

Wedding ring

Wedding ring is a Russian television series filmed from 2008 to 2011.

Magic Ring

Xiao Jun slowly wakes up from a train accident. Losing all her memories and left with amnesia, Xiao Jun has no idea who she is or where she is going. Yet the ancient ring that she is wearing on her finger is proof of being the Du family's eldest son's fiancé. Therefore, Xiao Jun is confusingly brought to the rich and powerful Du family. The head of the Du family treats her and loves her as if she is his own daughter, causing the pregnant Xiao Jun to experience the feelings of a warm family that she has never felt before.

Charity Lords of the Ring

Charity Lords of the Ring is an Irish reality television competition, broadcast on RTÉ One. Presented by Lucy Kennedy and ex-boxer Barry McGuigan, the four-part series follows ten personalities compete for their charity of choice, in the field of boxing. British broadcaster BBC is reported to be interested in the show. Charity Lords of the Ring is broadcast over four episodes on 15 August, 18 August, 19 August and 22 August 2009. It is produced by Screentime ShinAwil and sponsored by Sona Vitamins. Over €100,000 is anticipated to be donated to the charities involved, with €26,000 going to the winner. The show marks the television production debut of Brian Ormond. One of the contestants left the show before broadcasts began due to a potentially life-threatening swelling to the brain. The show's finalists were Paul Martin and Sean Gallagher. The final was attended by several females including socialite and model Rosanna Davison, pop singer, television personality, and sometime glamour model Michelle Heaton as well as Pippa O'Connor and Tara Sinnott. Seán Gallagher, despite having only partial eyesight, won the series.

Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes is a Canadian-produced sitcom.The series stars Lyle Alzado as Robert Randall, a teacher who works as a professional wrestler in the evening. Although his children knew about Randall's double life, the family was forced to keep it secret at school. The series featured guest appearances by many members of the National Wrestling Alliance.

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