Cadfael: The Raven in the Foregate

An unpopular Puritanical priest new to Shrewsbury refuses to give a pregnant young girl absolution resulting in her apparent suicide.

Cadfael: St. Peter's Fair 1997

A dispute between Church and State over Fair fees leads to a brawl and the murder of a prominent visiting merchant, supposedly by a townsman. As more bodies are found, Cadfael starts to think the Church/State difference isn't the cause after all.

Cadfael: Monk's Hood

When an unpleasant and cruel nobleman spites his stepson by ceding his estate to the abbey, he ends up being poisoned by one of Brother Cadfael's medications.

Cadfael: The Holy Thief

Ramsey Abbey in Cambridgeshire puts in a claim for the remains of St. Winifred, whose reliquary is the object of prayer and lucrative donations to Shrewsbury Abbey.

Cadfael: The Rose Rent

A beautiful, wealthy widow turns her back on the world to find solace with the church and gives her house over to the abbey for the rent of a single white rose each year.

Cadfael: The Sanctuary Sparrow

Liliwin is a poor acrobat hired to entertain at an Aurifaber wedding. But when he is dismissed and the master of the house is found unconscious and robbed, Cadfael must find the real thief before the mob takes vengeance.

Cadfael: The Pilgrim of Hate

Cadfael has a peculiarly strange case to solve when Prior Robert finds a dead man inside an old dirty sac. The monastery grounds are filled with pilgrims, mostly the lame and the seriously ill, who are there for Cripples Day hoping to be miraculously cured. As no one will admit to knowing the dead man, Cadfael gets the Abbot's permission to render the body down to the bones to see if he can determine how he may have died. He finds nothing definitive though a a mark on the skull may indicate a deadly blow. Among the penitents, Cadfael takes notice of two brother, one of whom is atoning for sins against his father and also a young man who is lame and who is particularly cruel to his sister who he blames for his current condition. There are other suspects as well as Cadfael sifts through what few clues he has to work with.

Cadfael: One Corpse Too Many

Assigned by King Stephen to dispose of 94 hanged rebels, Cadfael discovers the body of a murdered man among the corpses and given just four days to solve the crime.

Cadfael: The Devil's Novice 1996

Cadfael is sure the unlikely novice Meriet is hiding a secret, and when a missing bishop's envoy is found dead, Meriet takes the blame. Cadfael must discover who Meriet is protecting and who is the real murderer. Ellis Peters fans will find the character name changes confusing and not helpful to the story.

Cadfael: The Potter's Field

A year after Brother Ruald answers his vocation and becomes a monk at Shrewsbury, a body, believed to be his deserted wife, is unearthed near his cottage.

Cadfael: A Morbid Taste for Bones 1996

Cadfael and a deputation of monks from Shrewsbury are dispatched to Wales to recover the remains of martyred St. Winifred over the objections of the local lord and residents.

Cadfael: The Virgin in the Ice

A young nun is found violated and murdered, while the brother and sister she was escorting have disappeared. A mysterious forest ranger dedicates himself to rescuing the children, while Brother Oswin blames himself for Sister Hilaria's death. Cadfael must identify the killer and do what he can to aid in the children's rescue.

Cadfael: The Leper of St. Giles

When a cruel middle-aged baron and a beautiful wealthy orphan are to be wed at the abbey, it comes as no surprise when the sadistic nobleman is found strangled to death.

Cadfael 1994

Cadfael is the name given to the TV series of The Cadfael Chronicles adaptations produced by British television company ITV Central between 1994 and 1998. The series was broadcast on the ITV network in the UK, and starred Sir Derek Jacobi as the medieval detective.

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