America - The Beautiful Country 2013

This documentary brings the most beautiful American landscapes to the viewer s home, from the Grand Canyon to the legendary Rocky Mountains. Fall under the spell of this outstanding 4K Ultra HD quality film, which multiplies the experience.

America The Beautiful 2008

In a society where "celebutantes" like Paris Hilton dominate newsstands and models who weigh less than 90 pounds die from malnutrition, female body image is one of the more dire problems facing today's society. "America the Beautiful" illuminates the issue by covering every base. Child models, plastic surgery, celebrity worship, airbrushed advertising, dangerous cosmetics - no rock is left unturned.

America the Beautiful 1960

America the Beautiful was a circle-vision movie attraction in Disneyland In California and Walt Disney World in Florida. The footage first shot in 1955 and ran in Disney Circle-Vision 360 film theaters from 1960 to 1997.

America The Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments 2011

Covering issues such as America's unhealthy dieting craze, the use of the outdated and misleading BMI scale and the currently touted "obesity epidemic," Roberts debates the widely believed concepts that you have to be thin to be healthy. During his journey, he discovers the plethora of factors contributing to America's body dissatisfaction, many of which are being promoted by doctors, schools, the government, and even the First Lady of the United States. Roberts questions these industries' promotion of weight loss surgeries, fad diets, disorderly eating, and a nationwide fear of fat that causes panic whenever our Body Mass Index passes the number 25. With one of the most advanced medical systems in the world and alternative health modalities at our disposal, is it possible to be healthy at a variety of sizes and weights?

America the Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth 2014

The third installment of America the Beautiful explores America’s controversial and shameless sexualization of our youth. Theories and observations merely scratch the surface of a culture centered on the objectification of women. Beneath the glossy, perfect images presented in pop culture there are more desperate stakes at hand. Who is at fault for perpetuating such a harmful culture? Is it corporate greed in advertising? Is it the media that projects these images? Could it even be the parents?

America the Beautiful 2014

In 19872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed into law our nation's first National Park, Yellowstone. The purpose was to preserve the breathtaking scenery and the wildlife within the historic lanscape. Since then, other significant pieces of land and sea have been designated as National Parks, in hopes to conserve the ecology, geology, and beauty of our amber plains., rugged mountain ranges, and salty shores in this spectacular collection of majestic beauty - like you have never seen before!

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